Switch information not populating.

Fix: LLDP or CDP must be enabled within your switch. Some switches do not have LLDP enabled by default and you will have to turn it on. Please see your switch’s product manual to see how to enable LLDP.


Notice: Some scans are toggled OFF as default. Navigate to Toggle Switches (Device Settings -> Toggle Switches) and make sure the scan you are missing is toggled ON if applicable and then tap the green Apply! button at the bottom of toggle switches.

Unable to connect to device, device not showing up in Wi-Fi list

Fix: Often if you are running into a connection issue, factory resetting the device will resolve it.

Step 1: Locate the reset button next to the charging port.

Step 2: Using a pin or paper clip, press and hold down the reset button until the indicator light second from the left starts blinking rapidly.

Step 3: Allow the device to fully restart.

Step 4: The device name should now be netool-DEFAULT.

Slow to populate / missing data.

You can increase the accuracy and speed of searches by adjusting toggles and timers.

Toggling off scans you do not currently need can greatly reduce overall scan times.

1.) Go to settings (sprocket)

2.) Tap on Toggle Switches

3.) Tap the green Toggles for each scan you don’t need right now.

4.) Tap Apply!

Discovery Timers allow you to set the scan duration to find those packets that do not broadcast very often.

1.) Go to settings (sprocket)

2.) Tap on Discovery timers

3.) Set the duration higher for scans you are not receiving data for.

4.) Tap Apply!

Fix 2: When connecting to the device on the Devices Menu make sure to connect via the Local Netool (Wi-Fi).

Android 6.0.1 or above device not connecting to the users Netool. Shows “Off Line” on main information screen.

Fix: After connecting to the Netool Wi-Fi network, a notification appears on the phone, indicating the Wi-Fi connection does not have an internet connection. Tap on the notification, which opens a dialog asking whether you would like to stay connected to the network or not. Select to stay connected, then re-open the App and you should now be able to connect to your Netool.