Discover everything about your Ethernet port with Netool

A simple to use passive network port analyzer that gives you the information you need.

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    • One Netool network analyzer.
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  • Passive Protocol detection and analyzation

    Netool detects information packed Ethernet protocols, analyzes them and displays them via the app.


    Share discovered information via any text based app including text message, email, Evernote, Slack and more.


    Ap mode for when WiFi is not available. Client WiFi mode to connect to your WiFi allows other users to connect and see test results.

  • App

    Android and iOS apps.

  • Connectivity tests

    ICMP tests to the internet, local gateway and a custom IP.

  • Remote Viewing and testing

    Connect a number of devices to one Netool or many via wifi, Ethernet port or the cloud.

  • Networking mapping

    Save discovered information to the Netool's local database or upload it automatically to the cloud.

Detected Ethernet protocols

Netool detects a wide range of Ethernet protocols:

Tagged VLAN

Netool detects 802.1q packets and notifies you with an icon and notification window.


Get and display information from discovered packets including switch port, native VLAN, switch hostname and IP


See what IP, gateway, DNS server and subnet Netool is receiving.


Detects LACP traffic and notifies you that they are present.

Spanning tree

Detects and notifies of 802.1d packets and shows details of bridge device.


See if Quality Of Service is running on a given port.

802.1x and EAP

Detect and authenticate with 802.1x. enables remote users to connect to your or a remote site's netool to view and run tests from anywhere.


Netool runs a highly customized version of linux that we call Netool.OS. We built Netool.OS to be powerful, low energy consuming and upgradeable over the air.

  • Seek help from peers with multiple connectivity.
  • Upgrade Netool.os over the air to get bug and feature updates.
  • Built on top of linux for easy deployment of new features.
  • Share discovered information.


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