Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity

BLE 5.0

Connect to the Lite via Bluetooth Low Energy and stay connected to your buildings WiFi at the same time.


Enable simple NAT router mode to connect your phone to the network your Lite is testing. This enables you to access switches, servers from your phone.


Connect using the way you want to your netool.Lite, even via the Ethernet port its self using mDNS.

Detect Ethernet switch port info

Using a array of discovery protocols including, CDP, CDPv2, LLDP, EAP, FDP, SONMP, you can detect the switch configuration your Lite is plugged into.

Untagged VLAN ID
Switch Port
Port Description
Switch Management IP address
Switch Hostname
Switch Description
Switch port Auto Negotiation
Tagged VLAN IDs

Detect DHCP

IPv4 & IPv6
Subnet Mask
DHCP Server
DHCP Domain
DHCP options
DHCP Lease

Test for internet access


Using a automatic ICMP ping to, the switches management IP, gateway or a custom address.

Http connection

When your Lite is plugged into an Ethernet port and an IP address is detected the netool will automatically try to connect a given http/web address to detect if internet is available.

Trace Route

You can set you Lite to automatically run a trace route to a custom address every time you plug in your into an Ethernet port.

Public IP address detection

Automatically detect the public IP address of the network that your Lite is plugged into.

802.1X Authentication Testing

Visualy see the 802.1X status

Right from the home menu you can see that if 802.1X authentication has failed or succeeded.

Store Username and Password

Easily configure 802.1X in the Ethernet menu with your username and password.

Confirm 802.1X configuration

Automatically detect if your 802.1X configuration is setup with assigned IP scope or an assigned VLAN id.

Share your discovery

Share from the home menu

From the main menu you can share all of the information gathered on this screen to anyone via any text, slack, email and more.

Share from the Tag history menu

From the Tag History menu you can share all of the tag history entries to anyone via any text, slack, email and more.

Share your cloud ID

Easily share your ID to anyone via any text, slack, email and more.

Sync main screen data with
Sync your tag history entries with
Two Factor Authentication

The Hardware

Double the speed of compute power

Faster CPU, more RAM and more storage means a long  list of future updates.

USB-C Charging

Modern charging port means more options.

USB-C Data port

For future accessories.

2500 mAh Battery

For over 9 hours of run time.

What people are saying

"I'm super impressed with the connection speed of the new Netool Lite when using the new Bluetooth connection!"
Willie How
Comparison Chart Lite Pro2

Start your network discovery today. Lite



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